Love & Gratitude

Dear Dr. Masaru Emoto,

A few years ago, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, Sr. Fids shared with us the story behind these two (well, three) inspiring words: Love & Gratitude.

Your research on the water crystals enlightened us to see life on a different perspective: to listen, with more heart; to speak, with more care; to think, with more love. Thus, creating a healthy well- being for our own and for others too.

Sometimes, during Mutti’s afternoon nap, I would alternately play Himig Heswita songs and your Water Crystal Music. I would like to believe it wasn’t only Mutti who benefited by listening to them.

Love and Gratitude!


Time and again, it’s good to be reminded by the magic of words and their proper usage. Not necessarily the proper application of propositions and verbs. We should put more emphasis on the hado of our words, their vibrations to us, to others, to our surroundings.

It’s a sad fact that when we get caught up with the “real world” and its “real world problems,” we forget and spit out words without any thought for its effects. Everyday is a struggle. But we have been given this gift. As we learn more about the beauty of words, we try to remember this: that if it is not life giving, then don’t. Don’t speak it. Don’t think about it. Do not give life to something that destroys life.


Front Cover: For centuries, people have turned to classical music for its calming and relaxing effects. Internationally acclaimed water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has discovered why certain music has healing benefits: Music with appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody can correct distorted frequencies within our cells, assisting our health and healing.


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