Inspiration: “IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD”

For months now I’ve been in that state where I don’t know what to say during prayer, so instead, I sing (even if out of tune) most of the songs during mass.

It has left me feeling somewhat lacking because of the perception that when we pray- we talk, we ask, we interact, we communicate.

The inspiration I’ve asked for has slowly manifested itself in the weeks since the opening of the school year. There was that homily on closure, the chotki from Pater, and this weekend with Sr. Fids.

The word “inspiration” means “in spirit” or “in the spirit (of God).”

Our everyday lives are our prayer- of gratefulness, of sadness, of everything that we are, an offering of ourselves to God. Today’s life prayer we’re filled with the tune of God’s love.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: “IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD”

  1. I love this verse as it relates to your singing your prayer.”The Lord your God is with you, He will take great delight in you; In His love he will no longer rebuke you, But will rejoice over you with singing!!” I just love that!!


  2. I was just reviewing some of the comments others have made as well as some I’ve made. I wanted to add one thing to Your comment about feeling as if you don’t know what to say… When you start your prayers with praise of Him and of the things you are grateful He’s done for you it ushers you into His presence. It makes a pleasing aroma to God..for we have the scent of His Son.. 2 Corinthians2:15 I just love that !! πŸ˜›


    1. Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind, somehow that puts things into perspective and gives me direction- esp when I’ll feel a little bit lost on what to do next and how to get things started again. 😊

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