God Is Greater Than Our Hearts

There was a man,
Who lived in an unknown land.
He had a wife,
And three kids in hand.

He came from the land of the dragon,
Swam across the little man’s sea.
He had to leave his parents and siblings,
To survive the war and grow up in one piece.

He grew up to be a debonair, and
A man who thinks more than one who speaks.
He will always be that Man in the 1940’s,
Decked in white from toe to top.

There was a man, He was that man.
He lived a life filled with many questions,
He lived a life with fewer answers.
He contemplated, but he did not talk.
Neither did he write, nor draw.

Well, I wouldn’t know would I.
I didn’t meet that man.
Though I’ve always wanted to.

There have been numerous tributes made to Robin Williams, and they have all been beautiful. I also wanted to contribute some of my words of blessings and love. It has taken me days to make one. And because of the recent development, thoughts of someone special also came to mind.

So this is for you two.

Q: Uhhhh, what do you think happened to Judas? Somehow I feel bad for him..

A: Judas is where the bastard deserves to be. hahaha

… oh, did I mention where?

Q: Hahaha, uh… No you didn’t!

Do I want to know where? I think we had this conversation before…

A: He is with Christ the Lord overflowing with mercy.

God is greater than our hearts, D. 😊

And in addition to that, here’s an excerpt from Shusako Endo’s “Silence”:

“It is not man who judges. God knows our weakness more than anyone, reflected the priest.

I, too, stood on the sacred image. For a moment this foot was on his face. It was on the face of the man who has been ever in my thoughts, on the face that was before me on the mountains, in my wanderings, in prison, on the best and most beautiful face that any man can ever know, on the face of him whom I have always longed to love. Even now that face is looking at me with eyes of pity from the plaque rubbed flat by many feet. ‘Trample!’ Said those compassionate eyes. ‘Trample! Your foot suffers in pain; it must suffer like all the feet that have stepped on this plaque. But that pain alone is enough. I understand your pain and your suffering. It is for that reason that I am here.’

‘Lord, I resented your silence.’

‘I was not silent. I suffered beside you.’

‘But you told Judas to go away: What thou dost do quickly. What happened to Judas?’

‘I did not say that. Just as I told you to step on the plaque, so I told Judas to do what he was going to do. For Judas was in anguish as you are now.’

He had lowered his foot on the plaque, sticky with dirt and blood. His five toes had pressed upon the face of one he loved. Yet he could not understand the tremendous onrush of joy that came over him at the moment.

He loved him now in a different way from before. Everything that had taken place until now had been necessary to bring him to this love. ‘Even now I am the last priest in this land. But Our Lord was not silent. Even if he had been silent, my life until this day would have spoken of him.'”


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