A few weeks ago when Pater, SJ came for a visit, he showed us a short video (Tile: MASS) by Christopher Stefanick- asking viewers “What do all these people see at mass? If you’re not seeing it, you’re missing something pretty amazing.”

Today, is my lucky day. Today, I chanced upon another one of his videos entitled Happiness. This time, he talks about how our Faith leads to our Happiness. It’s not only one of those factors which leads us to happiness, rather it IS the ultimate drive towards our happiness. Here’s a short narrative of his video:

At WYD in Toronto, Canada, Pope John Paul II told about half a million young people, “I felt the deep longing that beats within your hearts, you want to be happy.” You know, he’s right, because everyone ever existed wants to be happy. In fact our desire for happiness underlies pretty much every other desire that we have.

Here’s a real shocker: a lot of us think our faith is just one of those components of our lives. One of those.. One of those things in the side, you know, in our journey through life. I got my friends, I got the music I listen to, horseback riding, sports I like to play, ah you know faith, just one of those many things that adds to our sensible being. But check this out, your faith? Has everything to do… with why you’re on this journey of life. It’s got everything to do with answering those fundamental questions you have about life and why we’re here and what’s going to make us happy. In fact, Jesus’ big motive for his whole ministry was to help people discover the happiness they are made for. This is from John 15: “I’ve told you this so that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete.”

You don’t have to have it all together to start this journey. You might have a thousand questions about your faith, you might even feel messed up inside like in many different ways, it’s all good. Just the start the journey.

You’re a big deal. Whether you know it or not, you’re chosen.

– Christopher Stefanick

PS. I’d suggest you watch the videos too. It would give you a totally different experience than just reading this. The elemental importance of voice, video, and emotions will definitely move you towards gratefulness.


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