Of Plaid Skirts, Tarts and Purple Habits: The Assumption Convent


Maria Regina Seal of the Assumption (Taken by the author from a past visit to the San Lorenzo campus)

Today’s feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Lady reminds me of one tangible thing that has something to do with “assumption” and that’s none other than the Assumption, particularly, Assumption San Lorenzo. Almost all of my female cousins at my father’s side of the family went to that exclusive, all-girls school and, likewise, almost all of my closest girl friends hail from that institution. It’s time we look back into history and remember the glory days of what used to be known as Assumption Convent.

Mere Marie Eugénie de Jésus Milleret de Brou (Foundress of the Religious of the Assumption) -image taken from Wikipedia

Saint (formerly  Mere) Marie Eugénie de Jésus (born Marie Eugénie Milleret de Brou) founded the Religious of the Assumption on 30 April 1839, starting a religious…

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