What is a Comfort Book?

One that gives you a perspective on things you have difficulty accepting, understanding, and possibly moving on.

A constant companion, despite having read it countless times over and again.

One that you bring anywhere and everywhere you go, for the simple purpose of having and knowing that you have it brevi manu.

It doesn’t have to give confirmations on your thoughts or emotions. But may just be a companion to your grief or happiness, to give comfort, to give joy.


For years after he died, I used to imagine that my father would somehow give me a sign, sometimes I still search for it, his approval his advice. Friends of his tell me, “Your father would have been so proud of you,” but it’s not the same as hearing it from him, seeing it in his face. I like to think of him watching my show each night. I like to think he’s seeing it all.
– Anderson Cooper


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