To Live.

Ever wonder why sometimes (if not most of the time) it is hard for us to forgive and forget? Despite our desire to live as better persons, sometimes forgiveness is just one virtue we couldn’t comply. It’s easy to say, well I’m only human so it’s okay if I’m flawed that way. But that would lead us to disintegration, rather than moving towards our ultimate goal (integration).

Our desires, our wishes, our dreams would vary but I think it all directs us to living a better life. ‘Living a better life’ may also differ in terms of personality. Others may deem it necessary for them to go out and experience everything of the outside world, but may forget that they also need to breathe life within. There are those who spend too much of their days contemplating, forgetting that a deeper understanding may be achieved by experiencing. Each one of us may have this dilemma, living one life and dreaming of another. The dreaming of another life may not mean desiring a grand one, but it could also mean being engrossed in our thoughts for too long a time.

Sometimes accepting our flaws is not enough. It should not only stop there. By recognizing them as flaws, we are now given a new beginning towards the integration of our personality. Because the ability of recognition means that we are aware, not only of the good that we are but also the bad that we should strive to change for the better. Always. Which is basically our ultimate goal as spiritual beings in a human journey.

Have you ever asked yourself, why? Why am I here? Why am I alive? What is my purpose of being? What is my purpose of living? Again, our answers would vary. But the common denominator would simply be ‘to live.’ Those two words carry with it a lot of weight, because to be happy is to live, to have joy is to live, to breathe is to live, to have faith is to live, to love is to live. Never underestimate the power of words. Yes, a picture may speak a thousand words, but you would still need words to relay the meaning behind the picture.


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