A very good reminder from Dean Poquiz- 2008 Bar Examiner in Labor Law.

“… Kaya kayo, when you become lawyers, huwag kayo maging… Bawal ang maging… MA-YA-BANG! Tandaan niyo yon. Don’t be haughty. Don’t project yourself as a lawyer in a gathering. Pangit tingnan, mahiya-hiya ka. Let others discover that you are.. Rather than projecting yourself as one.”

I think one of the hardest virtues to live up to is humility. Often times many of us mistake it for mere simplicity. But really, the difference between the two could go beyond outer space. Simplicity is easily equated with the physical, while humility is harder to determine because it is innate- somewhat a state of being.

And I also think that this– what Dean Poquiz told us– does not only apply to law students, bar candidates, lawyers… But covers humanity as a whole. Especially now that the economics of life has shifted, our concept of right and wrong has somewhat evolved into this common question in public international law – is public international law a true law?- where both an answer of yes and no could be given. Thus, creating further dilemma. The questions then include- Is our concept of right- right? Is our concept of wrong- wrong? Or vice versa. Are these concepts the be all and end all of life?

What kind of test should we apply then in order to determine whether or not we have failed the test of humility, thus the need to embark on a journey “to humble thyself.” Remember John 5:31 “If I alone bear witness about myself, my testimony is not true.”


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