Happy 96th Birthday Pop Sunday!

May 20, 2014

We grew up surrounded by pets- from the tortured guppies to the whistle them a tune pigeons, the loyal and beloved aspins, rabbits named after Disney Characters, love birds, chicks, ducks, to fishes of all sizes and colors. Without them, it’s like- life as we know it, would be dried up like El Niño.

So in one of the Lolo conversations we had with Vati, we asked him where he got his love of animals/ pets. Good guess, he got it from Lolo. He remembers them having a goldfish, and that at one time Lolo bought him a bird. No wonder Vati always had this thing for birds.

We do not only inherit the color of the eyes, the length of the ears, and the shape of the mouth. The way we connect with others is not only by touch. By the grace of the universe, life comes full circle when memories collide to create one moment in time. We never met Lolo. Our own way of getting to know him/ spending time with him, is by understanding his life through pictures and stories shared with us by Vati.

I’d like to think that our common love for animals gives us the few moments we could have spent in his company. That in our afternoon walk with the beagles, Lolo is also walking along side us. That when the morning greets us with the music of the birds, Lolo is also there listening to the tune with a big smile. That when silence fills the night, Lolo is also there sitting on his antique chair, with his feet soaked in a basin filled with water and a spoonful of salt, relaxing after a long day of tending to his garden where his beloved pets roamed free.

Ich Liebe Dich Opa!

Lolo- Grandfather, Opa
Apo- Grandchild, Granddaughter, Grandson

⬇️ The ironic things in life. Some thoughts on what I would’ve wanted to tell you, and what you would’ve said to me in return. ⬇️





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