“God-Filled Eternities”

April 2, 2014

Today’s happiness is in the knowledge that ordinary is not at all ordinary, the better term would be “God-filled eternities“.

Many of us seek to experience the grand adventure, live a life of grandeur, or have faces that glitter like diamonds. That sounds swell. Really. Sometimes we even try to rearrange spaces to create another spark of happiness in the midst of the dullness, the ordinariness of our daily lives.

But what we don’t realize is this– staying still is a life-changing lesson by itself. You learn to appreciate the value of a second, a minute, an hour, a day. Not the monetary value that all our busyness implies. Yes we should not be negligent of our time, of how we spend it. I get it. Time is gold, ikanga. But if we fill our days looking for gold, where will we end up?

If life seems slow, then accept it as it is. Relish the slow rhythm of the ticking clock.

We can choose to substitute the momentary dullness with what the material world has to offer. It may give us a fleeting glimpse of happiness. That’s okay I guess. But time and again we must be able to know when it is enough.

Knowing, understanding, accepting that material happiness is fleeting is always better than burying our sorrows deeper in a storage room of shoes and handbags. I understand, it’s a form of escape for some. But fleeing to the ends of the earth will not fill that hollow feeling inside if there is no acceptance of the ordinary.

By knowing, understanding, accepting that our ordinariness is extraordinary in itself, then maybe just maybe, we’ll hear the Universe whisper and we’ll be able to find our place in the greater scheme of things. “Be still and know that I am God”

It’s just a matter of perspective.


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