“Encouraged to be more and to do more.”

If you’re struggling it means you have accepted that you are human and can only do so much. Corollary to that is the ability to persevere during those trying times.

Note:The latter is more important. Since the word struggling tends to lean more on the negative side, because it sounds as if you’re being weighed down by ‘problems’ most of the time, the better term would be.. Challenged? Tested? I don’t really think so. Most of the time the effort and dedication invested in the moment of need tend to be fleeting..

So the better term, or phrase to be specific, is “Encouraged to be more and to do more.” Who encourages you? The Universe! The circumstances of persons, place and time. What encourages you? The desire to be more and do more. Why? Faith! Because deep in your being you believe that the Universe meant for you to be more. How can it/ can you be more? It’s a matter of listening and understanding.


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