A Sense of Wisdom.

Somewhere in between these written words are a grandfather’s gift of wisdom, handed down to a struggling granddaughter in law school.☺

Law school isn’t for the faint of heart. Neither is it only for the strong willed.

A person’s strength is not measured by his power over others. A person’s strength is measured by his ability to persevere- not necessarily when facing his adversaries, but mostly to overcome his being of disintegration (time and again).

The hardest battle is not the physical one. The hardest battle is one wherein you are required to think, to feel, to understand.

Knowledge is always easy to acquire, especially in this day and age. What is hardest- is the ability to develop our sense of wisdom. Wisdom in it self is something that we may have to struggle in all our days to get a grasp of. But having ‘a sense’ of it, may be possible if after acquiring knowledge we are able to comprehend it’s true value and give respect to its application.


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