“Pulot- Pukyutan”

April 6, 2014

Today’s happiness is meted with sobering thoughts on Kara David’s I- Witness documentary “Pulot- Pukyutan.”

Influenced by the busyness of our times, we become more demanding, we become more self-appraising. Forgetting the value of diligence and humility. Surrounded by fast cars and traffic jams, we lose patience, we lose focus of our surroundings. Forgetting the value of fortitude and empathy.

The mind boggles at how much a few pieces of P20 bills amounting to a total of about P300 would spell differently for those living inside concrete houses in contrast to those living inside simple bahay kubo’s.

Being surrounded by glittering staircases and shiny refrigerators, our modern perception of what simplicity is – is blinded with all that jazz. We project false humility in the hopes of being lauded by followers. And it’s sad. How can we measure our values in these changing times? Do we follow the BIR memorandum of benchmarking too? Is it simply a matter of perspective?

I think, maybe, it depends on a person’s willingness and ability to see. To see beyond the four walls, beyond the red gates, or beyond our fashionably made up selves.

Yes, I’ll try to put more value to my P300. Multiplied by 5, it will be worth another law book for me– a necessity at this time.

Dear Father, help us to see, to be grateful we can see, to be able to understand what we have seen, and not stop in just seeing/ looking. Help us to learn, and in learning, act with your grace. Amen.


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