July 7, 2013

The beauty of Sundays.
Sometimes it gives you joy.
Sometimes it gives you sorrow.
Other times it gives you both.
But most of the time it gives you a reprieve of what the previous week has been and what the new week will be.

It is what I would call a very special NOW. Yes, on other days of the week we are able to experience (some) snippets of our NOW moments. But a Sunday, being the Lord’s day, being a rest day, being a free day, a family day, a Liao mafia beagle Sunday, means more and provides us (with) MORE…

To experience (this) MORE on Sundays, does not mean that you have to do more. When you are able to surround yourself with (the rarity that is) silence, you can still experience more. For in the silence, you can hear the distinct sound of joy. (I believe) Joy and laughter are not mutually exclusive. Laughter is more of a physical expression of happiness. It limits the concept of joy, of happiness, to the material (physical) world. Joy, in its spiritual sense, may even include sadness (though Webster might disagree, big time!). How? That feeling of sadness is more of an expression of the physical being. Joy is felt by the spirit (soul). Because the spirit knows.

The soul is the only instrument sensitive enough to “pick up” life’s faintest vibrations, to “feel” these energies, to sense these waves in the field, and to interpret them. – Conversations with God by Neale Donal Walsch

Love & Gratitude!


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